[CentOS] Migrating to CentOS Directory Server

Camron W. Fox cwfox at us.fujitsu.com
Tue Nov 10 02:44:08 UTC 2009


	We currently are using OpenLDAP for our authentication needs for 
CentOS, Redhat and Solaris clients. We are considering migrating to 
CentOS DS, however, two of our LDAP replicas are on Solaris 10 machines 
(different physical location, as well as network).
	Is there a port of CentOS DS for Solaris 10? There's no point in us 
getting all wrapped up in migration testing if we can't field a server 
on the Solaris boxes.

Best Regards,

Camron W. Fox
Hilo Office
High Performance Computing Group
Fujitsu Management Services of America, Inc.
E-mail:		cwfox at us.fujitsu.com

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