[CentOS] Problem when opening files after installing OpenOffice 3.1 on CentOS 5.4

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Tue Nov 10 13:22:31 UTC 2009

> Most probably, the update you installed includes update for OOo. Since
> your version is vanilla and you are updating it with CentOS repos, this
> problem appears.
> The only thing I can suggest is simply remove and install the vanilla
> OOo and *don't* update it with yum using the CentOS repo. To update it,
> you should use the OOo's update method. Otherwise this kind of errors
> will keep on coming.

First, thanks a lot for your help!
I will do what you suggest (uninstall/reinstall vanilla OO).

However I'd like to understand better, since I don't think that what
happened is what you describe:
- before installing the vanilla OO (3.1), I made sure that I had
completely 'yum remove' the official OO (2.3)
- so when I did the standard 'yum update' on my CentOS 5.4
installation I had no official OO installed, so I don't see how it
could have messed things up?

Don't you think that this rather due to the fact that I did not use
the vanilla OO 3.1 setup assistant? (but plain 'yum localinstall' on
their RPMs instead)
Or do I miss something from your explanation?

Anyhow, I'll reinstall and let know here what it fixed or not.

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