[CentOS] RAIDs and JBOD?

Keith Keller kkeller at speakeasy.net
Wed Nov 11 04:13:57 UTC 2009

Just for a practical scenario, here's the machine I have at my home.

The front has four hot-swap drive bays, backed by a 3ware 4 port
controller (IIRC a 9500 series).  Two drives form a RAID1, which is
where everything is kept.  One drive is a hot spare.  The fourth drive
is a backup drive; my /home is on an xfs filesystem, so I use xfsdump to
back that up, and store it on the fourth disk.  Since it's hot swap, I
can periodically remove the fourth drive and replace it with an empty
disk; I can then store the old drive ''safely'' somewhere (if I were
smart I would take it to work, but I haven't been smart yet).

Now, to be fair, my storage needs are quite small: /home is only about
100GB (and is only 60% full).  Obviously for storage at the multi-
terabyte range you'll need more disks.


kkeller at speakeasy.net

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