[CentOS] About the tar extract signal directory~~

mark m.roth at 5-cent.us
Wed Nov 11 14:33:22 UTC 2009

Majian wrote:
> Hi,all:
> I've couple of large tarballs such as www.tar and images.tar.
>  Is it possible to extract a single file or a list of files from a large
> tarball such as images.tar instead of extracting the entire tarball?
>  How do I extract specific files under Linux / UNIX operating systems?

All versions of *Nix have man pages. These are like WinDoze help, except more 
technically detailed. T use them, do
prompt> man <command or file>

It's possible to see what might be related by doing
prompt> man -k <subject>

man tar

        tar -xvf foo.tar
               verbosely extract foo.tar

        tar -xzf foo.tar.gz
               extract gzipped foo.tar.gz

        tar -cjf foo.tar.bz2 bar/
               create   bzipped   tar  archive  of  the  directory  bar  called

        tar -xjf foo.tar.bz2 -C bar/
               extract bzipped foo.tar.bz2 after changing directory to bar

        tar -xzf foo.tar.gz blah.txt
               extract the file blah.txt from foo.tar.gz


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