[CentOS] kernel not booting after update

Spiro Harvey spiro at knossos.net.nz
Fri Nov 13 00:10:45 UTC 2009

John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com> wrote:

> The E8500 is a desktop Core2Duo CPU, I thought?     'what sort of 

Yes, my mistake. It's a Core 2 Duo. 

I don't know where I saw the Xeon sticker. I saw the E8500
on /proc/cpuinfo but didn't RTFS properly. :/ This was further confused
when I googled E8500 and one of the hits mentioned Xeon...

The raid is indeed an Intel Matrix RAID. The BIOS is configured so that
the sata controller is in RAID mode, and the "OPROM" is set to Matrix

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