[CentOS] Problem with Yum on CentOS 5.4

Ralph Angenendt ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 10:16:01 UTC 2009

Am 15.11.09 08:29, schrieb Niki Kovacs:

> After a fresh install of the base system, first thing I do is 'yum 
> update' with the default setup... only this time, nothing happens. I 
> stays about a minute or two on 'Determining fastest mirror'... and then 
> tells me :
> "Could not retrieve mirrorlist..."

So can you get a mirrorlist by hand? Can you reach the
mirrorlist.centos.org server? Are you behind a proxy?

See CentOS-Base.repo for the mirrorhost url and replace $arch with your
architecture and $releasever with 5 ...


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