[CentOS] yum-changelog dependencies...

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 16 13:08:53 UTC 2009

From: kalinix <calin.kalinix.cosma at gmail.com>
>Actually you have to have python-dateutil installed (probably a missing dependency) and the command should be ran as:
>yum changelog <date>|<number>|all [PACKAGE|all|installed|updates|extras|obsoletes|recent]

I saw this redhat bugfix:
"If "yum changelog" or "yum update <package> --changelog" was run without
the Python dateutils module available, yum-changelog would exit with a
Python traceback. This package includes a patch which causes yum-changelog
to fail gracefully."
So I guess it is not mandatory...
But, while the yum-changelog is from centos, the python-dateutil is from rpmforge...



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