[CentOS] system time automatically fowards in time and then comes back to normal

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Sun Nov 22 06:51:29 UTC 2009

ankush grover wrote:
> Hi friends,
> I am running Nagios 2.7-1 on Centos 5.0 32-bit hosted on Vmware ESX
> 4.0. The issue I am seeing on the server is sometimes nagios is
> showing the below messages in /var/log/messages and as the system time
> gets changed some false alarms gets generated. I searched it on the
> google but I am not able to find the correct solution. I even posted
> on the nagios forum and they asked me to see elsewhere why the server
> shitfs so much before looking at nagios.

Well, VMWare ESX sometime causes time jumps ;)

Possibly your service provider is overbooking cpu time of that ESX host ..


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