[CentOS] Via EPIA m10000 Nemehiah

Ben Mohilef benm at dsl-only.net
Sun Nov 22 18:23:26 UTC 2009

Does anyone else have one of these on 24/7 running RHEL 5.4 or Centos 5.4 ??
That box mysteriously stops ( no crash data, it just stops) hours or days after boot, with or without X. 
Cntl-Alt-Delete reboots it without power cycling.  The usual diagnostics  (memtest and fsck) return no 
errors. Works great until it freezes. No evidence of  kernel oops anywhere.

If others report the same issues we will scrap the board. Otherwise I will continue to investigate what 
is happening, since it is no fun to pull the board out and replace with an atom processor and it is not 

The hard disk in it came from an Athlon M board that died an untimely death this week. Service 
cpufreq reports "unavailable" so I am assuming that it is turned off. Could the cpu freqquency control  
be doing something  without tellling us? 

We havea power monitor on it so I can discern if it dies with max cpu activity or not. Also I am leaving 
it run "top" without screensaver so I can see if a particular load or program is borking it.   Am I missing 
something obvious here? 



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