[CentOS] smtp+pop3+imap+tls+webmail+anti spam+anti virus

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Nov 23 13:27:47 UTC 2009

Eugeneapolinary Ju wrote:
> hi!
> does anyone has a good howto, docs how to set up an smtp, pop3, imap server, with webmail, and has anti virus solution, and even spam filtering? :D [plus secure connection for the clients :D ]
> wich softwares are the best for this? [e.g.: "vsftpd is the most secure ftp server"..]
> users would be from /etc/passwd [so not virtual users]

There is a tutorial for using Postfix, Courier, Squirelmail, and mySQL 
on FC10 at:


We have gotten this working on Amahi (amahi.org), see: 

I have been running this since mid september (I was bigfoot's beta 
tester). I run 4 domains and about 30 users on a 1Ghz/512Mb Compaq SFF 
server. I process around 5000+ smtp connections/day or which only half 
get processed as 'reasonable' connections and 2/3 of that get canned as 
spam resulting in ~700/day good messages. So the system really works to 
filter out the trash.

We are working on moving Amahi to FC11 and develop a Centos version.

I tried contribs.org, but I could not 'live' with the limitation of an 
email address in only one domain and the workaround to deal with it. My 
address of 'rgm' is used in a number of my domains, for example.

The mySQL tables for the above setup are easy to manage. All the mail 
ends up in /home/vmail/<domain>/user, making it easy to manage. I ran 
SCALIX for about 7 years, and all the mail in a SQL database was nothing 
but a pain.

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