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zeroironhack zeroironhack at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 17:07:07 UTC 2009

See sendmail, postfix, Exim, qmail, dovecot, cyrus, Zimbra all related
mail world.

Santiago N.


El lun, 23-11-2009 a las 08:55 -0800, John R Pierce escribió:
> Susan Day wrote:
> > Hi;
> > I don't want sendmail. What's a good secure email server that I can 
> > yum? I really only need smtp right now, but who knows what the future 
> > will bring?
> SMTP only provides for relaying mail.    a mail server typically needs 
> a  MTA (message transfer agent, smtp such as sendmail, postfix), a MDA 
> (message delivery agent, such as procmail), and a MUA (message user 
> agent, such as POP, IMAP, and various local unix mail readers).
> any mail server is only as secure as you configure it.     the usual 
> alternative to sendmail is postfix, which many people find simpler to 
> configure than sendmail.
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