[CentOS] Recommend Mail Server

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 07:16:16 UTC 2009

Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> Ho hum. I do not know why you keep insisting that letting mimedefang 
>>> handle say lookups to mysql and perform decisions based on those is 
>>> faster than if sendmail had native support. It is after all, one less 
>>> layer to going through and not run in something that is interpreted.
>> It's not faster for that operation, but compared to database lookups a couple 
>> more CPU instructions aren't significant and it is more powerful.  What you get 
>> is a point where you can do any additional operations if you want, regardless of 
>> whether the MTA author considered it or not.  And, in cases where the program 
>> you want to access isn't an already running daemon like mysql, you get a way to 
>> run it that doesn't need a 1:1 relationship to the mailer processes.
> I doubt that making calls via mimedefang is just a 'couple more' cpu 
> instructions over internal calls within postfix.
> But yes, it would be nice for other non-daemonized stuff.
> So just chalk sendmail down one notch for lack of multiplexed 
> mysql/postgresql support versus postfix will you? mimedefang cannot 
> completely rectify that for sendmail.

I've never had anything in mysql that I've wanted sendmail to check so it never 
occurred to me that the support was lacking in the first place.  But if I had, 
I'd have done it in MimeDefang anyway and still not noticed that it wasn't built 
into sendmail.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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