[CentOS] hard drive errors

Paul Heinlein heinlein at madboa.com
Tue Nov 24 15:38:46 UTC 2009

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009, lostson wrote:

> Hello
> I seem to be getting some messages via email and in var/log/messages as
> well, i think its a hard drive gone bad but was wondering if anyone has
> seen something similar to this or would have some ideas if its fixable
> or not, here are the messages
> This email was generated by the smartd daemon running on:
>   host name: localhost.localdomain
>  DNS domain: localdomain
>  NIS domain: (none)
> The following warning/error was logged by the smartd daemon:
> Device: /dev/hda, 993 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors

In my experience, 993 unreadable sectors is a high number. That's not 
good. I'd definitely suggest replacing the disk.

If you're in the mood to do some tinkering, you might try following 
the (somewhat complex) procedures on the bad block HOWTO:


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