[CentOS] install CENTOS 5.4 X86_64 failed???

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Wed Nov 25 08:30:23 UTC 2009

RedShift wrote:
> Burning at a slower speed usually does NOT increase burn quality. You may have a bad writer or bad DVD R's. Use DVD-R's for maximum compatibility.

not quite.   with modern high speed DVD burners, like 16X and such, 
burns faster than 8X are burned in a CAV mode (constant angular 
velocity) where the data transfer rate speeds up as it gets farther 
along on the disk.  I've found the read error rate is significantly 
higher towards the end (outer tracks) of full DVDs burned this way, but 
disks burned at 8X are CLV (constant linear velocity), where the RPM 
drops as its burning to maintain a constant data rate, and on disks 
burned this way, I get far fewer read errors.

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