[CentOS] rndc start fails with "rndc: connect failed:connectionrefused"

Hugh E Cruickshank hugh at forsoft.com
Thu Nov 26 00:45:35 UTC 2009

From: John R. Dennison Sent: November 25, 2009 16:31
> 	Hmm, perhaps...  But a quick perusal of "man rndc" would 
> 	have shown that there is no "start" command and the phrasing
> 	"communicates with the nameserver over a TCP connection. would
> 	have been a clue that the nameserver needed to be running :)

True but in my feeble defence I was following someone else's example
procedures (and following them blindly it would seem). I would think
that my suggested change, while not strictly required, would result
in improved usability of the software.

Regards, Hugh

Hugh E Cruickshank, Forward Software, www.forward-software.com 

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