[CentOS] Installing CentOS 5.4 64bit on server with LSI SAS 1068E controller.

Tait Clarridge tait at clarridge.ca
Sat Nov 28 03:05:41 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-11-27 at 21:18 -0500, Billy Huddleston wrote:
> JBOD a bust. It doesn't see any hard drives that way either. Anyone
> have any other ideas?

Ask Supermicro for the IT mode of your firmware if it exists. They are
usually really good at answering support questions if you email them,
I've normally heard back from them within 24 hours.

You can also ask supermicro for a driver disk (if you did not get one)
to use during the install if you pass "linux dd" to the command line
while booting the CD/DVD.
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