[CentOS] Repository for clean and safe installation of python2.6 (and other python-software)

Bernhard Gschaider bgschaid_lists at ice-sf.at
Mon Nov 30 15:10:00 UTC 2009


I want to test some software on my CentOS 5 machine that is not too
happy with the system python (2.4). So when I install a python to my
machines I want it to be 

a) clean: in other words it should be a RPM
b) safe: it should not remove the system-python (in order not to break
   the system-scripts in subtle ways) but be accessible for
   instance as python2.6 (while python would still be python2.4)

I've looked around (even other places than the usual suspects RPMforge
and EPEL) for repositories that could have such packages.

Before I start rolling my own RPMs: is anyone aware of a repository
that has such packages? (an added bonus would be if it had RPMs of
PyQt4, I didn't find those for Centos or RHEL, too)


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