[CentOS] Wireless

Davy Leon davy at scu.escambray.com.cu
Mon Nov 30 16:53:34 UTC 2009


There is no encryption and my neighbour knows about it, we are just trying 
to build an small network for our computers.
Centos doesn't recognize the USB device. I just plug ot in and nothing 

Any suggestions?


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>> Hi folks
>> I have a Centos 5.3 Box and I'm trying to setup an small wireless link
>> with
>> the AP of a neighbour. I have a brand new NETGEAR WG111V2 USB-WIFI 
>> adaptor
>> for that, but Centos doesn't recognize that. Any suggestions? I already
>> tested it on windows XP and the link works fine. How can I do this on
>> Centos?
> What kind of encryption is it using?
> Oh, and does your neighbor know about this?
>        mark
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