[CentOS] non-threaded perl no longer in .spec file

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Mon Nov 30 23:02:03 UTC 2009

Robert Heller wrote:

> Probably the same thing that is bad about a single core processor.
> Which are pretty much no longer available (except for processors meant
> for little SBC/Embedded systems).  I suspect that either RH or (more
> likely) the Perl people don't want to have to support two versions of
> Perl, one with and one without threading.

Single core CPUs may be rare but single core VMs probably
represent the dominant number of deployments out there as it's much
more efficient scheduler wise to go with more single CPUs than fewer
multi CPU VMs.

Not that I have any problem running multithreaded apps on a single
CPU, I do it all the time. It is kind of unconventional using a
load balancer to spread load specifically for optimal hypervisor
scheduling though(traffic is load balanced regardless).


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