[CentOS] du vs df size difference

Ryan Pugatch rpug at tripadvisor.com
Thu Oct 1 00:43:25 UTC 2009

Clint Dilks wrote:

> Hi,
> He means a situation where you have something this this
> You create a partion lets say /dev/hda1 you use it as you / partition
> you create a directory called /data and copy some data into it
> You then have a second partiton /dev/hda2 and you mount /dev/hda2 off of 
> /data
> This mean that the data originally copied to the /data directory on hda1 
> is still taking up space on hda1 but you cant see it.

In this case, if I mount my partition to, say, /mnt/tmp, it would still 
show the 'wrong' size.  In my situation, it did not, so that indicates 
this is not my issue.


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