[CentOS] Antwort: Re: du vs df size difference

Jerry Queirolo jerry at queirolo.com
Fri Oct 2 18:26:32 UTC 2009

This is quite possible, and having just gone thru this recently a few 
weeks ago, I thought I post a warning here to hopefully save someone 
else from the brain-fart I suffered a few weeks ago.  I needed to change 
the mount point permissions w/out umounting the filesystems in a few 
places, so I remounted / over /tmp/mnt (that was my brain fart, should 
have used /mnt/tmp).  Did my thing, changed what I needed to and then 
got sidetracked on other things and never got around to umount'ing 
/tmp/mnt.  Next day I started noticing weirdness, and then realized 
cron.daily fired off it's tmpwatch run and it happily started cleaning 
older things from /tmp/mnt/...  :-(

- Jerry

Frank.Brodbeck at klingel.de wrote:
> This is absolutely untested but it could work: mount / to /mnt and delete
> the data from there. Dig into mount(8) and test this somewhere outside
> the production area:
> --bind Remount  a  subtree  somewhere  else  (so that its contents are
>        available in both places). See above.
> But again, this is untested and nothing more but a wild guess.

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