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Sat Oct 3 16:02:09 UTC 2009

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> Hi All,
> As it turns out these boxes are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and not  
> Windows!. I am not sure how the person who asked me to do the work  
> does not know what he had! I guess he was the CEO though!
> So I think this process becomes simpler.
> I should just be able to insert the live cd and do a cp -r on / to the  
> destination USB drive, correct?

You don't even need the live cd.  Just boot up single user, plug in the
USB drive, format it with ext2 or ext3 to match the box and do your cp
-r, although there are probably better options (eg dump/restore, tar,
etc.) that might do a better job. Warning: there might be more than one
partition (eg /boot and/or /home might be a separate partition, esp. if
the machines are using LVM).  You might need to cp each partition/file
system separately.

> -ML
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