[CentOS] DNS Serving - Why my own?

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 19:23:21 UTC 2009

> Can anyone explain why I might want to run my own DNS Server in-house?
> I have a comcast business circuit and use their DNS servers and when I
> need entries, I use GoDaddy where I buy my domains.

Depends on the size of your organization. My at home setup has a few
PCs & CentOS boxes so it's easy enough to manage host entries through
the little gateway/router that I tweaked.

The company I manage IT for OTOH, has close to 50 PCs & 6-7 servers
(mixed Windows & CentOS) spread across three subnets and four offices.
We use Active Directory so DNS resolution of our internal hosts is
important. Two of the servers are also public facing (behind
firewalls) so we have DNS setup to direct internal clients to the
internal IP of the server & external clients access the public IP of
the server.

The internal DNS saves me and the staff from having to remember the
mail server's IP and can just access it via the same name as the rest
of the public.


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