[CentOS] More about firewalling

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Mon Oct 5 21:45:12 UTC 2009

Hi All,

So before when I used PIX's for my employer, our traffic was  
statically routed to one IP and then the firewall decided if allowed/ 
denied and passed it on or dropped it.

I have a Comcast business circuit with 13 IP's. The gateway device  
they provide is a 'pass through' device. They sent traffic for all 13  
IP's my way. It just allows traffic through. So if I put in a device  
to firewall (like Ipcop or Vyatta or something) in front, say it has 3  
NICS, how do I do that?

If the Firewall has IP A and Traffic for IP B comes in how would IP A  
answer and decide if the traffic to IP B belonged?  Without statically  
routing I am confused on how to accomplish this?

How fast does this device need to be?


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