[CentOS] How fast?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Oct 6 01:19:17 UTC 2009

ML wrote:
> HI All,
> How fast does a a small DNS Server need to be? I will have about 10  
> servers and a few workstations. I have a few older Compaq PIII boxes  
> with 1gb RAM each or I have faster P4 boxes.
> Same question as above, just a Vyatta type device, Firewalling....?

I ran authoritative DNS for about 50 domains off a p1 100mhz 512MB box 
for years, but it was running a much older kernel.

I'd consider RELIABILITY far more important than speed.    key to DNS 
reliablity is to have an offsite backup for any authoritative DNS.    my 
homebrew DNS network involves my home box on my DSL, my friend's home 
box who is in a different LATA and on a different ISP, and a proper 
server colocated in a data center, in yet a different city on a 
different backbone.   between these three systems, we're pretty damn 
robust for something completely free.

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