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> >> >> How fast does a a small DNS Server need to be? I will have about 10
> >> >> servers and a few workstations. I have a few older Compaq PIII
> >> >> boxes with 1gb RAM each or I have faster P4 boxes.
> <snip>
> > little else.  This little box is just being used as a dialup 'router'.
> > It is jacked into a wireless 'router', but the wireless router is just
> > being used as an accesspoint and Ethernet switch (this is a home setup
> > -- broadband is not presently available, only dialup internet).
> Do any of the cell phone operators in your area use the GSM
> technology? If so, they  may offer HSDPA Internet service too.  I
> would like to ditch our ADSL (the only wired broadband available in
> our rural subdivision at this time), to get rid of the infrastructure
> problems and prefer WiMAX, which isn't available where we live (Cali
> was one of the first cities to have WiMAX).  Netgear makes an HSDPA to
> Ethernet modem, but I don't think they sell them in the USA or down
> here.  If you can get HSDPA, that would probably be a huge speed
> increase for your home network.  The HSDPA speed at our house, at this
> time, is slower than our ADSL, but if I had one of those Netgear
> modems, we'd make the switch.  The 3 cell phone operators in Colombia
> are all using GSM now and all 3 offer HSDPA Internet access, but their
> normal method is a USB device that only runs on Windows or a Mac,
> which is only good for one box and not for a Linux box. The Netgear
> HSDPA to Ethernet modem would eliminate that problem. Possibly the
> CDMA cell phone operators in your area also offer Internet access?

There is spotty cell phone coverage at best. And the EDVO/3G is even spottier.

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