[CentOS] selinux...

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Wed Oct 7 19:41:45 UTC 2009

> m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> You begin to see my frustration, esp. when I have to skim through logs
>> that have a dozen, or two dozen, of these (and others) every hour, to
>> find other more important messages.
> How about log filtering? Since your in such a high security
> environment to need SELinux I can't imagine you don't have
> some sort of log management tool such as Splunk or something

I've never used it, though I know of it. I'd have to convince my manager,
and I dunno if he'd have to convince his boss or not.... And I don't know
how the security group feels about that. (And before you say more, I'll
tell you that I work for a contractor for the feds.)

Hell, I'd love to be able to pipe the freakin' logs through grep <g>

> similar. I'm still in the midst of a Splunk deployment and
> have it stripping a bunch of useless stuff out of the logs,

At some point, I want to *solve* the problem, and make it Go Away forever.
> I used to manage a pair of Siteminder systems several years
> ago, your email got me curious and I poked around to see if
> they were still alive, and yes they are and still running
> the good 'ol Apache 1.3.27 probably on RHEL 2.1 still!
> Funny they haven't upgraded it, it's not like they process
> credit cards or anything, oh wait..they do. oh well! Not
> my problem:)

Um, yeah, well, probably fairly soon, the card companies will come down on
them like a ton of bricks. The first four months of this year, I was on a
contract for a major provider of managed security services, including pen
testing, for the card industry (as well as being a root CA), and I'll tell
you that a *lot* of small merchants are going to wind up paying large
companies to do their card processing, within a year or two, and that
stuff that old will fail the pen testers, and they'll be scrambling to
upgrade (so you might have more work from them, if you're interested...)


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