[CentOS] Bring up Networking in Single User Mode

R.C. Prince neoimnot at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 7 21:11:16 UTC 2009

I believe he's onto something there...routable addresses would be thru on 28 bits...and there's that pesky rule about having your gateway on the same subnet as the node. :)
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On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 3:28 PM, ML <mailinglists at mailnewsrss.com> wrote:
> Nate,
>> ifconfig ethX IP_ADDRESS netmask NETMASK
>> route add default gw IP_OF_GATEWAY
> OK, so I was correct,
> I am doing
> ifconfig eth0 netmask
> route add default gw
> I am getting Network is unreachable.

That's correct. Write down 80, 1 and 240 in binary. With a /28 mask,
your IP address and your gateway are in different subnets.

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