[CentOS] Dualboot CentOS and Windows

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>> >> I have to install CentOS on a spare partition of a laptop with
>> >> Windows pre installed. Is there anything I have to watch out for?
>> >> Couldn't find anything in the wiki or does the installer handle this
>> >> well without me doing some magic, or so?
>> >
>> >The installer will handle this perfectly if you select the correct
>> >partition for your CentOS installation :-)
> usually, you need at least two partitions: one for / and one for swap.
> best is to setup first a small /boot partition. i'm sure somewhere there
> some docs about it :)
I *STRONGLY* urge you to make /home, and maybe /opt, separate partitions.
That way, when you upgrade, and it *REALLY* wants to format /, you can.


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