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Thu Oct 8 15:44:54 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-10-08 at 10:42 -0500, lostson wrote:
> Hey all 
>  I was sitting here thinking about things and I came up with an idea
> that sounded, at least in my head, like a good one. There has been a
> boom in things like twitter and brainbird and social networking setups
> in general. I was wondering if the project or anyone would be interested
> in setting up a status.net server specifically for the CentOS project ?
>  Why? you ask, well here are some of my reasons.
>  1) a central hub for all things centos, updates, wiki updates
>     various messages from  the dev team and whatever else 
>  2) We could create groups much like in irc centos, social, devs, and 
>     many others
>  3) another outlet to get questions answered besides forums
>     mailing lists or irc.
>  4) Quick collaboration between parties interested in CentOS
>  Some other questions would be 
>  Where could we get this hosted ?
>  What would we call it ? (centosuniverse - lame but hey)
>  Would this be viable for the CentOS project ?
>  I have noticed with brainbird you can go over the 140 character limit
> which may also be a good idea 140 can limit you in some ways. I also
> thought this would be a good way to create a community outlet. It is
> after all easier to post a quick 140 char message about what is going on
> than to compose a whole email or forum post. I've seen several websites
> and communities starting to use this as a outlet for their projects.
>  So the ultimate question is (poor HHG2G reference there) - Would this
> work and would it be wise to persue this option ? I would volunteer to
> do the leg work to get things going and help anywhere I can of course.
> But would others like to collaborate on this as well ? 
>  Here is a link to Status.net
>  http://status.net/
>  For further reading on the subject of the server side of it anyway.

 Oh and to add some more if any of you are familiar with Identi, you can
tie into things with xmpp and googltalk so you are not limited to using
a dedicated app like say a gwibber or choqok.
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