[CentOS] Can't download large files

David Suhendrik david at pnyet.web.id
Fri Oct 9 01:45:01 UTC 2009

Hi All,
I've finish setup vsftpd as anonymous FTP server, and I also setup 
apache for web service on my linux box. yesterday, I'm tried to put 
CentOS 64 bit  image (.iso) size is 4.5GB and tried to download from my 
computer. Apache and vsftpd work great, but I get some problem with 
download size..

When I download CentOS iso image [4.5GB], download process always 
stopped at 4.2GB with errors:
==> SIZE CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso ... 4557455360
==> PASV ... done.    ==> REST 4294967295 ... done.   
==> RETR CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso ... done.
Length: 4557455360 (4.2G), 262488065 (250M) remaining

94% [++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++   ] 4,294,967,295 --.-K/s   in 

CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD.iso: File too large, closing control connection.


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