[CentOS] CentOS for non-tech user

Matt lm7812 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 14:37:10 UTC 2009

>>> Thats my thought as well.  Ubuntu desktop and CentOS for servers.
>>> Just wandering if anyone is using the 'Ubuntu Server Edition's'?  They
>>> seem appealing but CentOS is what I am used too on servers now.
>>> Thought about loading it up on a box to just try though.
>> Not using, but I've tried it in a LAMP-configuration couple of years ago.
>> Stability seems ok, but personally I don't like the sudo this and sudo that
>> and sudo everywhere. Besides, it felt somehow clunky. CentOS seemed slim,
>> slick and fast compared at the time, so CentOS is what I got stuck with (in
>> an endearing sense of course).
>> HTH.
> Hi Sorin
> You can "sudo bash" and you will have a root terminal. In it, you can
> set the root password for root.

How does freeBSD compare to CentOS for stabillity etc?  Seems as
though CentOS has the largest market capture but I have yet to try
freeBSD.  Heard that freeBSD is more unix like then linux.


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