[CentOS] DNS is confusing! (I really need some help understanding!)

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Subject: Re: [CentOS] DNS is confusing! (I really need some help understanding!)

ML wrote:
> OK, I am confused and DNS is the reason.
> So, Comcast, 13 public IP's bound to my modem.

>>13 IPs for your modem?  Is this a business account or something?

> Each public IP has a DNS name from comcast (they assign it  
> automatically) like:
> --> 173-13-167-209-sfba.hfc.comcastbusiness.net
> I created a DNS entry at GoDaddy for that is  
> 'inhouse.theindiecompanyllc.com'

>>You can use Godaddy to set DNS for 'inhouse.theindiecompanyllc.com' to
>>, but to do the reverse, you will need Comcast to delegate
>>DNS authority to you for the reverse domains.  (For just a few of them,
>>you would be better off asking Comcast to set the reverse names for you
>>... don't know if they will do that or not).

Yes, if you call Comcast's Business Class Customer Care at 888.563.2933, their technical support can modify the reverse DNS pointer record so that resolves to nhouse.theindiecompanyllc.com.  I've contacted Comcast before to delegate RDNS authority to me, but they didn't allow that for customers.  When I had AT&T DSL, AT&T did delegate RDNS authority to me.

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