[CentOS] Rendering farm?

Scott Ehrlich srehrlich at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 22:40:20 UTC 2009

I received at least one email suggesting a Windows-based rendering
farm - likely to consist of a few rack systems all running 64-bit
Windows.  I read an article on Tomshardware which gave some decent
insight.   What can list participants offer on this concept?

I don't care _how_ the resource is implemented - virtual machine,
cluster, etc.  I just want to get the most resources for the money,
and permit the users to get the results they need, when and how they
need it.   If a desktop solution can be implemented in multiuser farm
environment, that would be great.   Just provide links/resources to
help me get better educated.  Who knows, maybe others on the list
would benefit from the discussion and results, too.

If it makes most sense to migrate the money from a single desktop to a
transparently available farm that does the same job the desktop could
have done, and considering the farm is expandable, then I'm all for
it, as would be the money people!

Insights and educated welcome!


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