[CentOS] 10 Year old IT Infrastructure

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 03:40:26 UTC 2009

I'm in the position of having both the mission critical & regular servers.

Our mission critical machine, an app server that runs about 90% of our
business, we lease so it gets recycled every five years. For us, it's
worth the extra cost to have equipment under warranty with parts
guaranteed next business day and a local IBM rep who can be on-site
within an hour if something goes wrong.

The less critical machines we actually plan to push out to ten years
if possible. Those machines, also IBM's, run our email, website, file
serving, and some small web apps we've developed in house. We can
tolerate downtime on those machines for a day or so while I scrounge
parts. And given we don't expect to be outgrowing those machines any
time quick, I can't justify the cost of new servers.


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