[CentOS] SVN hell! [RESOLVED]

Guy Boisvert boisvert.guy at videotron.ca
Mon Oct 12 00:03:40 UTC 2009

Peter Hinse wrote:
> Am 12.10.09 01:05, schrieb Guy Boisvert:
>> [root at svn ~]# ll /var/www/svn
>> total 16
>> drwxr-xr-x 7 apache apache 4096 Oct 11 11:40 applitv
>> drw-rw-r-- 7 apache apache 4096 Oct 11 10:31 repos
> My repos directory has permissions 0750 - try to change into each
> directory as user apache und touch files there as suggested by Ian.
> Peter.

Bingo!  You were right on it Peter!  Thanks!

I dunno why i didn't see it before but /var/www/svn was 0550...

There are days like that, where it's like you can't see your noze in 
your own face...

Apologies to the list for all this and thanks to everybody that helped me.

Guy Boisvert, ing.
IngTegration inc.

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