[CentOS] trying to understand OSS, GPL, BSD & other licensing model for software distribution.

Rudi Ahlers rudiahlers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 17:36:41 UTC 2009

> I'm saying that since you asked this question and received some
> responses already in the past week, asking again is rude.
> Additionally, since the original question is off-topic (though it was
> entertained the first time because of the marginal relationship to
> other OSS software), it's doubly rude to continue asking it.  If you
> did not receive satisfactory responses the first time, you should try
> a more appropriate forum, such as a software developers' mailing list
> where you would be sure more people would have dealt with those
> issues.
> Most CentOS users are likely to be Sysadmins, not coders, even though
> some could be coders.  You'd be better off asking in a place where
> most users are likely to be coders.
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I do apologize if this came out rude, it wasn't my intention. And I
didn't get the reply, so I though I never posted it to the CentOS

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