[CentOS] customized centos 5.4 install, core install?

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 01:06:48 UTC 2009

Thanks for all your replies. I checked out spacewalk and cobbler, both
of which look like they require a network support infrastructure, at
least a tftp server. I want to use a CD or DVD. Kickstart sounds like
the way to go, but i'm looking to have everything self contained, for
example if i want to install the postfix package, i'll want to remove
sendmail, set up postfix to start at selected runlevels and configure
the main.cf and master.cf files so that when the box reboots postfix
is ready to go. I'd also like to have this install as slimmed down as
possible, for example i probably won't be using x so i'd prefer not to
have any x packages in the install dvd.

On 10/12/09, Tait Clarridge <tait at clarridge.ca> wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-10-12 at 10:53 -0400, David Mehler wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This might be called a core build not completely positive. What i want
>> to do is make a completely customized centos 5.4 unattended CD or DVt
>> not only installs a specific list of apps apps that i want on each
>> system, but configures them automatically perhaps via scripts, and
>> enables or disables services etc. Basically, i want to drop the CD or
>> DVD in a box which will probably not have a monitor anyway, and walk
>> away. I then come back or ssh in and everything is already installed,
>> any repos are added, configured and ready to go. Is this a core build?
>> I'd appreciate any pointers on this.
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
> Hi Dave,
> Investigate kickstart installs, you can customize packages and run
> scripts after the install is complete before the box restarts.
> Tait

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