[CentOS] OT: pager pay

Max Hetrick maxhetrick at verizon.net
Tue Oct 13 18:28:30 UTC 2009

Alan McKay wrote:

> Anyone else want to share theirs?

I don't get on call, but my company pays my text messaging plan on my 
cell phone each month, since it's used as my pager. It's about $10 a month.

Our policy for call outs are as follows:

If I have to come into the office, I get a minimum call out time of 2 
hours, regardless if I'm here for 15 minutes or 2 hours. If that time 
falls on a Friday (I work normal Monday to Thursday 10 hour days), 
anything on Friday until midnight is time and a half pay. If the call 
out time is past 11:59 p.m. on Friday, until 6:00 a.m. Monday morning, 
then I get double time pay. There's some comp time rules in there too, 
but I rarely use it.

I have OpenVPN access from home or anywhere else. If I can fix the 
problem from home without having to come in, I don't get the call out 
minimum time of 2 hours. I only get paid the OT of the time I worked on 
the problem. I same rules apply for pay with the time and a half and 
double time scheme as above.


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