[CentOS] Calling all Hackers

DTS-Corp (Knowledgebase) mlists_subs at dts-int.com
Sat Oct 17 05:39:18 UTC 2009

Hey guys.

I have a server that is owned by me and can confirm through servint that it
is owned by me.

I would like to do a penetration test and of course to allow you to upload
files on the server and kind of trash it to the point where it is always
restarting and running out of memory etc etc.

This is going to be mainly script kiddie stuff, however will be able to get
you hired on with me for some other jobs that are invovlving network
security evaluations.

Here is the server info
Cpanel and WHM running on CentOS

hostname level1.ixkt.net
IP addresses 64..131.81.30

SSH Port is on 3734
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