[CentOS] installing working skype possible???

ken gebser at mousecar.com
Sun Oct 18 12:55:38 UTC 2009

I easily installed and used skype on my previous linux distro on this
same machine, but am having problems getting it to work on my relatively
new centos 5.3.

I downloaded three versions of skype from their website: the two fedora
rpms wouldn't install, their error messages complaining that it needed
another package, a package which was already installed.  (I figured it
had to be looking for that package in the wrong place... something I
couldn't do anything about.)

So I downloaded the suse 10+ rpm and it installed just fine.  But when I
ran it (/usr/bin/skype), it errored out also, saying
"/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by
/usr/bin/skype)".  So I used yum to search for any glibc which remotely
corresponded to that glibc and got nothing.

So is anybody running skype on 5.3?  If so, how did you install it and
get it to work?

Thanks for the good tips.

War is a failure of the imagination.
        --William Blake

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