[CentOS] Is AMD rev F the same thing as socket F?

Neil Aggarwal neil at JAMMConsulting.com
Sun Oct 18 14:53:07 UTC 2009


I am looking at the RHEL 5.4 virtualization guide.
According to Chapter 17, if I want to use KVM on my
machine, I need to check if it has the constant Time Stamp 
Counter by running this:

cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep constant_tsc

When I do that on the server (Currently running CentOS 5.3),
I do not get any output.  According to the output, that
means my system does not have the counter.

It then gives me instructions for AMD revision F CPUs.
I did a search and did not find anything that seems relevant 
to revision F.  The only stuff I am finding is talking about
socket F. Is that the same things as a Socket F CPU or 
something different?  


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