[CentOS] Passenger Best Practice

Stephen Nelson-Smith stephen at atalanta-systems.com
Sun Oct 18 17:13:38 UTC 2009

I want to move from running puppet under it's own web brick server, to  
using passenger.

I'd like to get an idea of how folk are  running passenger?  Ideally  
I'd like to keep everything rpm based, so would need ruby enterprise  
rpms, and then the mod_rails / passenger plugin?

How are you folk doing it?

I've seen:


And I've also seen:


Which seems to do some enterprise ruby.

What else is out there?  I'm more than happy to do it all myself, but  
if so it ought to be done in the way which best serves the project...

So... what thoughts / recommendations?

Stephen Nelson-Smith,
Technical Director,
Atalanta Systems Ltd

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