[CentOS] Is AMD rev F the same thing as socket F?

Peter A loony at loonybin.org
Sun Oct 18 17:22:32 UTC 2009

On Sunday 18 October 2009 10:53:07 Neil Aggarwal wrote:
> It then gives me instructions for AMD revision F CPUs.
> I did a search and did not find anything that seems relevant
> to revision F.  The only stuff I am finding is talking about
> socket F. Is that the same things as a Socket F CPU or
> something different?

No, Rev F is different than Socket F ... you can get a Turion X2 TL for a 
laptop with socket S1 but still running a  Rev F chip

Rev F originally meant the dual core socket F chips built in 90nm but later 
other chips derived from the opterons but used different sockets kept the rev 

If you want to know the socket, you can run dmidecode. Look for the processor 
section and under there Socket Information. Most boards (at least all but one 
of the ones I'm running right now) provide you a proper socket identifier. 


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