[CentOS] Passenger Best Practice

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 21:30:23 UTC 2009

I think you can best help the project and the CentOS community by
submitting a working .spec file to rpmforge-suggest mailing list.



On 10/19/09, Stephen Nelson-Smith <stephen at atalanta-systems.com> wrote:
> Hi
> ,
>> I used the guide found here
>> http://reductivelabs.com/trac/puppet/wiki/UsingPassenger on a RHEL 5
>> server with success. You'll see that most things are installed via yum
>> repositories except for rack and passenger, which are installed as
>> ruby gems. You'll probably find better answers for this type of
>> questions and any issues you might run into during implementation on
>> the puppet users mailing list (
>> http://groups.google.com/group/puppet-users)
> Thanks.  I've done this before - I don't actually need help with
> getting Passenger installed - I could do it any number of ways.
> What I am saying is that I would like to manage the whole process
> using RPMs - I'd rather not have to manage gems as well as RPMs, or
> have things built from source, or have tarballs to distribute.  I've
> seen or heard of several Ruby EE rpms, and I don't know or trust the
> provenance of the mod_rails RPM is found via google.  I don't know if
> any of them are recommended.
> If anyone on the list has done this already, and a reasonable body of
> people trust the results, I'm happy to use that.  Otherwise I'm happy
> to do it myself and share the results with the project - all assuming
> the general consensus is that my intended approach - using RPMs for
> everything - is wise.
> Thanks,
> S.
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