[CentOS] For the CentOS team : The openais Nightmare. And some questions.

F M dist-list at LEXUM.UMontreal.CA
Sun Oct 18 23:20:44 UTC 2009

Hello guys,

I have some questions about how the CentOS choose and rebuild RH RPMS.

First here is my w-e nightmare :
I have a 4 nodes Xen cluster using GFS2 (on SAN) and the Cluster Suite. Everything is from the CentOS repo.
I am not updating these computers very often. I am always waiting several weeks to install updates just to be sure that everything is fine for others.

This w-e I installed the lastest updates on these machines. Some were cluster related : cman, rgmanager and gfs2_tools.
These updates are in the CentOS updates repo for 1 month now.
After the reboot the cluster died.
After hours of troubleshooting I found this thread on the Linux cluster mailing list :


It said that CentOS is missing the openais update and without it the cluster is broken.
The solution is to downgrade the RPMS installed. This fix the probe for now.
Why the other RPM did not complain during the installation ? No idea.

But what is interesting is that the threat 1 month old. And today the openais RPM is still missing from CentOS repo. It means that at the moment you cannot install a cluster using CentOS.

Now my questions :
Why after 1 month the update is still missing ? Without it : no cluster at all. As I am writing this email you cannot built a Cluster using CentOS.

Is the RPMS for openais was hidden by RH ? No We can find it on the RH FTP.
And after looking in other threat I found that Mr K Singh built it on 16-Sep-2009. So why can't I find it on the update. Once again I'd like to remind you that without it you cannot build a CentOS Cluster.

I do not blame CentOS team. They are making a great job. Without them my company would not have a cluster. We cannot afford to pay 20k $ each year to RH for that. The team is making an amazing job and I do not care if I wait 1 or 2 months more for 5.4. And I really really respect Mr Singh. This email is not directed to him at all it is just that he is the one that kindly built the openais update and share it on his centOS page.

But the question remains : why is this update is not on the repo ? And are they others ?

Tx for answering me and have a good week-end. it is Sunday 6PM and mine finally starts ;-)

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