[CentOS] [OT] DHCP auth&auth software

Amos Shapira amos.shapira at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 09:59:11 UTC 2009

2009/10/19 Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko at gmail.com>:
> I've never had a case of deliberate network intrusion&misuse, since physical
> access to the building is rather restricted. So far problems have occurred
> exclusively because of user ignorance. Users don't bother to obey local policy
> about p2p, antivirus and other protection, so I have to find them and make them
> obey it. And finding them is not easy if the only information I have is the
> dynamically assigned IP.

I understand now that your situation is different from the one I
envisioned when I wrote my previous post.

Just wondering how easy is it to get within reach of your WiFi network
- my mobile phone keeps picking up wireless networks wherever I go in
urban areas and almost every stop outside the city (petrol stations

Is your building isolated enough to prevent someone from accessing
your wireless networks from outside the secure area?



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