[CentOS] update of openssh-server i386 4.3p2-36.el5, dependencies

Chris Geldenhuis chris.gelden at iafrica.com
Mon Oct 19 16:34:59 UTC 2009

zagiatakrapovic at gmx.ch wrote:
> so far:
> - not a yum bug
> - not a configuration issue
> - other persons could reproduce this behaviour even under RHEL
> right?
> so this backport is actually broken or let's say the guy who did this, improved encryptFS-utils that much, it uses now X11 libraries even if it actually has no GUI...
> still right?
> ok, so now what is the next step?
> There is a ticket for this issue but it is reported as a yum bug (see my last post).
> we all just wait until somebody kicks some #$!@ of the responsible code monkeys?
rant on

I usually stay out of flame wars an observe from the side lines or just 
discard the offending messages. However this time you have gone too far 
by calling  the people who make this project possible both the CentOS 
team and the RedHat staff "Code Monkeys".

I would suggest that you volunteer to fix the problem instead of name 
calling and being abusive or else pay for support to Redhat or another 


rant off

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