[CentOS] Caught between a Red Hat and a CentOS

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Mon Oct 19 22:50:05 UTC 2009

>Maybe today.  How long has it been that you could start something on a
>windows box and expect it to still be running a year later?  People
>runing unix/linux have expected and achieved that for decades.

A long time:)
Windows _is_ reliable, what isn't reliable is the myriad of cheap sh!t
hardware some people expect to work and cheap sh!t software some people
wonder why windows runs poorly with.

Linux breaks just as hard with bad software.

>How long has that been?

Maybe 15 years?

>If you forget history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Well, I have never had bad history with windows since nt3.51 or nt4 days.
It broke when I did stupid things, but ran for a long time when I had
good hardware and knew what I was doing. Thankfully my history is repeating
itself:) I've had a 2003 DC running at one place for so many years, I cant
even begin to imagine when that thing was put in service. It hum's right along
side some sun & centos machines:)


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