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Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann ribalba at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 21:56:35 UTC 2009


I would be happy to maintain such a thing but I would need someone as a backup.

Cheers Didi

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I assume you mean with respect to the live images as opposed to the
network installers (since we already support CentOS as a network
install target).

As for the live image there's a couple of things that would need to be
figured out, (1) does the live image already support iscsi out of the
box and (2) does it already support httpfs out of the box.

(1) is possible, (2) I'm guessing is it doesn't, and likely never will
officially.  If the live image doesn't already support booting off of
an iscsi target than adding it should be trivial, if it doesn't than
we'll have to hack into the initrd and add it.  It's not a *huge*
change but it means the following to the initrd:

       - networking into the initrd
       - iscsid
       - iscsiadm
       - lib files for dns resolution

and then it's just a few small adjustments to the init script so that
it brings up the iscsi interface, and puts the image in the right
place before letting it plow forward as normal.

Probably the most useful, to us, is if the kernel + initrd were
separate like they are for the normal pxe installs but that's not a
requirement by any stretch.

I suppose the question ultimately becomes, is this something the
CentOS project is interested in generally providing or are we looking
at specific support for BKO?  Just trying to figure out if we are
going to end up in the having to forward port the changes continually
on new releases or if this is something that CentOS is willing to pick
up and maintain.

- John "Warthog9" Hawley

Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann wrote:
> Hey
> I was wondering if I could help to get a CentOS image on boot.kernel
> Would be really nice to have more bistros available.
> Cheers Didi
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